400℃ Heat-resistant Nuclear-grade Direc...

The third generation nuclear-power ventilation system applying to Hualong No.1 of CGN.

EVR Non-nuclear-grade Fan (FQ-A2-13)

Applying for the third generation EVR system of CGN's Hualong No.1.

Safety-level Split Isolation Valve

Used in nuclear island ventilation system of nuclear power station to prevent radioactive material from spreading.

Safety-level Pneumatic Fast Isolation Va...

Used in the ventilation system, fresh air, return air and exhaust pipes of nuclear island of the third-generation nuclear power station.

Anti-seismic Electric Air Valve with Ele...

Used at the fresh air inlet or outlet of the ventilation system in the low-temperature, rain and snow environment of the nuclear power station to cut off or regulate the air flow.

Check Valve

Used at the outlet of the fan of the nuclear island ventilation system of the nuclear power station, or in a cylinder pipeline that needs to prevent air flowing backward.

Maglev series blower

Municipal/Industrial Sewage Treatment; Cement; Steel; Crystal Board; Chemical Industry; Paper Making; Medicine; Fermentation; Food.

Flue Gas Condenser

Used for smoke control of coal-fired enterprises, white smoke plume elimination and other environmental control of coal-fired power plant units.

Draught-Boosting Integrated Large Indust...

Used for air supply and air induction in coal chemical industry, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, cement plant, and other industries.

KBZ Series High-Pressure Cast Variable W...

Used for the places of industrial and civil construction projects needing ventilation and smokes exhaust.

Special Low Noise and High-Efficiency Ce...

Widely used in sweepers working on highway, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks, and other roads.

Mist Gun Fan

Used in places needing outdoor dust control and space cooling.

DTF-28 High-Efficiency and Low-Noise Axi...

Used for ventilation and smokes exhaust in subway tunnels.

Axial Flow Fan Series with Permanent Mag...

Used for ventilation and smokes exhaust in subway tunnels.