Networked Monitoring of the Atmospheric ...

The dynamic changes of major pollutants in the area can be monitored in real time through large-density monitoring grid layout.

Smart Water Environment Monitoring

Clearly display the basic information, water quality and law enforcement of each river in each basin, and clarify the water quality status.

Big Data Management Center

Constructing "Eco-environment Data Center", integrating the original data of environmental protection system, and forming a subject-oriented, integrated, stable and time-varying data standard set.

Fine Monitoring of Pollution Sources

On the basis of the original data, a perfect "one enterprise, one file" is established to manage the pollution sources in the region and enrich the information of each stage of the enterprise life.

River (Lake) Chief Based Comprehensive M...

The system can be used to construct the integrated information management platform for scientific monitoring, supervision and protection of rivers and lakes and provide query, reporting, management.