Powerful! ZOOMLION Gave Assistance to China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai)

 On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition kicked off at Zhuhai International Air Show Center. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions gathered here in Zhuhai, demonstrating the most high-end techniques and achievements in the field of aerospace to the world.

 Zhuhai, the city of hundreds of islands, is increasingly famous under the boom of the aviation & aerospace exhibition, attracting millions of tourists at home and abroad, thus bringing huge environmental pressure to the city. To keep Zhuhai clean and tidy during the aviation & aerospace exhibition and to demonstrate the beautiful scenery in China to the world taking the exhibition in Zhuhai as an opportunity, ZOOMLION coordinated with local sanitation departments in shouldering this task. More than 30 ZOOMLION cleaning devices were used to coordinate in operations at the runway and in the core areas of the exhibition hall. The former 2 times of cleaning operation (in the morning and at night) per day were increased to 5 times per day. A cleaning vehicle was used for cooling, dedusting and pavement washing; a sanitation vehicle was used to collect garbage and clean up the roads; a multi-purpose anti-dust vehicle was used for spraying to control the haze and to fresh air.