ZOOMLION Pure-electric Sanitation Vehicles: Protect the Blue Sky and Green Water to Co-build a Green Homeland

 Compared with traditional diesel sanitation vehicles, the new-energy pure-electric sanitation vehicles have obvious advantages. The pure-electric sanitation vehicles are featured by zero emission, which will significantly lower the environmental pollution. With low noise during running and operations, subtle influence will be exerted by pure-electric sanitation vehicles on residents during operations. Moreover, driven by power, the pure-electric vehicles enjoy low costs, and the power consumption cost is less than 20% of that of fuel vehicles. Meanwhile, the workload for service of traditional mechanical parts such as the engine, transmission and clutch is lowered. Although the purchasing cost is relatively high, the usage costs can be further lowered.

 In addition to environmental protection and low noise, this batch of ZBH5180TXSEQBEV pure-electric sanitation vehicles delivered to Beijing market by ZOOMLION also enjoys such advantages as top operation effect and cruising ability.

 It is a cleaner integrating such functions as pavement cleaning, vertical-face rinsing of road edges and road edge stones, spraying for dedusting and numerous national proprietary technologies, which boasts great cleaning effect. Furthermore, high-capacity and high-safety Li-ion power storage batteries are used, and the driving range at a constant speed exceeds 320km; fast and slow charging modes can be adopted. Fast charging only lasts for 2h, and it can work for 5-6h in case of single charging.